Deansboro Library and Reading Center

Serving the literacy needs of the Hamlet of Deansboro in the Town of Marshall


Tracing it's roots back through 100 years of history the Deansboro Library began as the Dean Library, outfitting the town with thousands of books to lend. Today the Deansboro Library and Reading Center continues that age old tradition and serves the literacy needs of the rural community of Deansboro.   

We are happy that you have decided visit our website.  We hope that you will find the information contained in these pages useful and informative. 


  • The Library is holding a weekly Story Hour for youths 4 and under.  More information can be found on the Calendar and the News page.
  • A complete list of the books recently acquired by the library can be found here  Books Acquired in January 2011, Books Acquired in February 2011, and Books Acquired in March 2011.
  • We are still open!  The library continues to remain open, but is not affiliated with MidYork at this time.  We will notify patrons when we are once again a part of the MidYork Association.


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